How To Train your Dog To Sit, Stand, Down and Stay

  1. SIT-Lurn up word and back, the food in front of it’s face. If they sit-click the instant the butt hit the floor. At longer time to click after a sit to at a stay.
  2. DOWN-Lurn downward and a little bit out like a L shape, then click when the elbows and all touch the floor
  3. STAND-Lurn back up to a sit. But don’t shuffle between the sit and down untill you tough a stand. Lurn outward in a line away from the dog and click as soon as the back legs come up but BEFORE they walk forward. If they take a few steps at first, it’s okay, just fade it out or the stand won’t be so reliable! You can also put your hand out in front of them and have them teach there nose to your palm to keep it a still stand.
  4. SIT-STAND- then- DOWN, It’s best to keep it from being a sit to down to make the stands easier and the down more reliable.
  5. STAY- add duration SLOWLY before a click!




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